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16 05, 2017

WannaCry/WCry/WannaCrypt0r Ransomware: Digital Blood Bath!

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On Friday, 12 May 2017 the world woke up to a massive Cyber Attack targeting their Windows Operating Systems. Globally on that morning, around 100,000 computers in countries in 100 different countries had been compromised by a ransomware that took their machines hostage. This malware referred to as WannaCry, Wcry and WannaCrypt0r, was the culprit [...]

15 05, 2017

How to Accidentally Stop a Global Cyber Attacks

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So finally I’ve found enough time between emails and Skype calls to write up on the crazy events which occurred over Friday, which was supposed to be part of my week off (I made it a total of 4 days without working, so there’s that). You’ve probably read about the WannaCrypt fiasco on several news [...]

15 05, 2017

How to Avoid WannaCrypt or WannaCry 2.0 Ransomware Attack?

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Thousands of computers got infected with WannaCry 2.0/WannaCrypt ransomware on Friday May 12, 2017. This attack is still under progress. Why is it worst? This is one of the worst cyber ransomware attacks that infects the Windows based computers that are not patched with the EternalBlue Windows patch released in March 2017. This ransomware does [...]

27 04, 2017

Cyber crime, data breaches to cost businesses US$8 trillion thru 2022

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It’s a couple of trillion less than the current 2017 US deficit, showing just how severe the cost of cyber crime is to business globally. Today’s US deficit is US $20 trillion, but just under half that figure is what businesses will have to pay for cyber crime and data breaches over the next five [...]

14 04, 2017

Kenya worst hit in East Africa by Cyber Crime

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NAIROBI, KENYA: Banks have become the leading target of cybercrime as people increasingly adopt the use of financial technology. According to Serianu’s Cybersecurity Report 2016, African countries lost at least $2 billion in cyberattacks in 2016. Speaking during the Connected Summit 2017, Cisco Regional General Manager, David Bunei said the increasing use of cyberspace and [...]