Engineering schools’ Senior Engineering Projects are the opportunity for graduating students to showcase their theoretical knowledge in a practical real life setting.  Jighi is proud to support the Reverse Electrodialysis Group (RED) of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

This collaborative senior project involved students from many engineering majors. Their goal was to produce, control and monitor the production of electricity using a method called “reverse electrodialysis”.

Jighi provided the platform to generate real-time reports of the production of electricity. In order to monitor the performance of their system as it generates electricity, the team records voltage and current output statistics, which are then displayed in real-time using Jighi and Jighi’s JCharts widgets. By using Jighi platform, the RED team is able to easily and seamlessly create, analyze, share, publish or incorporate their reports into any web or blog site. A live view of RED report is included below. Congratulations to the graduating team members of RED.

For more information and to view the RED electricity production outputs in real-time, please go to the following link:

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