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14 10, 2014

First anniversary for Jighi in Ivory Coast

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14 07, 2014

University of California, Santa Cruz uses Jighi

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Engineering schools’ Senior Engineering Projects are the opportunity for graduating students to showcase their theoretical knowledge in a practical real life setting.  Jighi is proud to support the Reverse Electrodialysis Group (RED) of the University of California, Santa Cruz. This collaborative senior project involved students from many engineering majors. Their goal was to produce, control and [...]

14 07, 2014

How to set up…

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Tech Tips, LLC was founded by Cleveland Clinic trained dermatologist, "Sri" Vellanki. She wanted to be more accurate with her smartphone. A mobile touchscreen device is not the same as a piece of paper. Steve Jobs revolutionized the smartphone by creating the iPhone touch interface. Panning, pinching, and scrolling multi-touch gestures are all needed to [...]